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Angel’s Landing

This is one of those posts again where my mind is overly crowded with thoughts. Cursor is blinking as I stare at this white empty draft. Type. Delete. Type. Delete. This always happens whenever I’d blog about a place too beautiful, I am completely lost for words. All the adjectives and even the superlatives aren’t even enough to describe… Continue reading Angel’s Landing

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Town of the Estes Park Colorado

The small town of Estes Park, Colorado was nothing but an absolute dream. The quiet neighborhood, the smoke coming out of the chimney, the crisp air, the frozen road, the snow, the elks frolicking just minding their own business…there’s something about this that just screams dreamy for a California girl who absolutely love LOVE the… Continue reading Town of the Estes Park Colorado

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Boracay’s Secret Paradise: Ilig Iligan Beach

Two days before we left Boracay, my husband talked me into exploring outside the White Beach by renting a motorbike. My husband really wanted to see the highest point Mt. Luho, that was the plan until we missed the road and instead we found ourselves lost in a secret paradise – Ilig Iligan Beach. Ilig-Iligan beach is a… Continue reading Boracay’s Secret Paradise: Ilig Iligan Beach