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Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore Poppy Field

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Hello Spring!!! Although the first day of Spring won’t be till March 20th, I wanted to be the first one to greet you all a Happy first day of Spring. It is that time of the year when the weather is starting to get warmer, the days are longer and the flowers are blooming. It is indeed the best Spring I have seen so far in California.

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After quitting my job due to the dreadful work environment just few weeks ago, I found myself bored at home and decided to take a solo stroll. I was driving down the 15 fwy when I was drawn to the pleasing golden vibrant color of the Hills. With my keen eyes for the poppies and all other wild flowers,  I just knew that Spring is here. With my curiousity, I exited Lake Street and turned right to Walker Canyon Road and there I found myself at the field of California Poppies. It wasn’t much at the time, but the Canyon was starting to look appealing. I started noticing the baby’s breath and the countless pods of poppies that are about to bloom any day now.

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I started taking a walk at this field almost every time I would get rejected at job interviews. I just loved walking around this field because it was so peaceful and quiet. There weren’t crowds and I just find that this field was my little hidden gem. Being depressed for these past few weeks, to me, these poppies and my husband were the only things that can put a smile on my face. I love these flowers so much, my Husband and I even planted seeds in our yard. They just make my heart skip a beat. The poppies and other wild flowers such as lupines, slender goldfields and blue dicks were starting to blossom more and more each time I come. And the thing is, everytime I see them, they just bring so much joy in my face. There’s just something about them.

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Comes March and to my surprise the field had attracted dozens and dozens of visitors. It had gone from 0 to a 100 real quick. The road was full of parked cars, there were more people visiting the place especially on the weekends and weekday afternoons. The traffic has gotten worse as well during the weekend. I was saddened just last week when we went back, that the poppies are almost gone due to people walking on them and the worst, trash was everywhere. I must admit though, since the Canyon is adjacent to the 15 freeway, people are not really going to miss this place, especially with the appealing colors of the poppies and other wild flowers. And it wasn’t just later this week when I found out that this field had made it to the news as well.

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The Poppies blanketing the hills of Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore is the new hype for all Southern Californians. And although I thought I was going to do my best to keep this place on the down low, there was no way that I could’ve done to prevent it from happening. Thanks to all that rain we got last winter. It had brought us the super fascinating bloom. If you come across here in Inland Valley, you would notice that the hills are painted gold.

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With all the people visiting the Canyon, the County have put information on the trail. I do suggest going on a hike if you would like to avoid the crowd. There are more patches of the California Poppies at the back of the Canyon. You will also see field of baby’s breath which is one of my favorites. Do bring plenty of water and comfortable shoes. If you are planning to have a picnic please do bring your own trash with you. There are no trash bins here.

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This is the best Spring Season we’ve had in Southern California and therefore I am definitely suggesting that you go right now before the California Poppies are all gone. With all the hype at Walker Canyon, the poppies are starting to become less due to people stepping on them. And with the weather getting warmer and warmer they are only expected to last maybe till March.

Here’s a little guide:

How to get here:

This place is located in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore. Take the 15 Freeway and exit Lake Street. Make a right on Walker Canyon Road and go all the way down until you see the field on your left.

What to Bring:

Water bottle, trash bag (if you’re going on a picnic), comfortable shoes and camera of course.


There are hiking trails. You make take a hike and see more patches of the wild flowers at the back of the Canyon.

When is the Best time to go:

Go early early morning during the week or the weekend. Traffic gets really bad from 10AM till afternoon during the weekend.


Dogs are allowed on the trail


No available bathrooms

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