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Akumal Town, Mexico

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Akumal also known as Place of the Turtles in Mayan language, is a small town between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. After VIP treatments and the countless Mojitos and Donkey Sperm Shots the night before, we decided to rent a car and see what else is outside our resort.

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One of the things I love in our resort was the convenience of renting a car inside. I love how my Husband was also able to communicate easily with the workers so they hooked us up with a lot of information on where to go and how to plan our day. And one of the places we had in our plan was Akumal where we would go swimming with the turtles.

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After being in Cancun for a few days, it was the Akumal Town that really sold me that THIS is the place where I want my Husband and I to retire. I didn’t realize how much I would love to just live here…I mean the weather here is really nice. The tropical weather was not as bad as I imagined how it would be. The weather was humid but without getting sticky sweat. And at night it gets real chilly but it was just the perfect amount of cold for me. We hardly used the AC in our resort. It was theee perfect weather. My kind of weather. Not to mention the price of a Lot where we could easily use our retirement savings to build a beachfront house.

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Akumal Town was also so lovely, it’s got tropical vibes all around with lots and lots of colors. This place was like straight out of Instagram. From the green leaves of the banana trees, the palm trees to the pink store and houses, orange walls and home made icecream. I was really sold to just retire here in Cancun or Akumal Town to be exact.

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Now, Akumal Town as mentioned earlier, also known as a Place for Turtles, is popular for its name, the Turtles. On the right season, the turtles come out here and lay their eggs. Sadly, when we came the turtles were not out on the sand but that did not stop us from seeing them.

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Since my Husband was able to communicate with the people here, he was able to get us the best pricing for swimming with the Turtles. I believe it cost us $24, and that included the guide, the snorkeling gears plus the life jackets. But here’s a tip, to save money, you can bring your own gears and you could just go and swim on your own. Sadly, we didn’t bring gears nor did my sister and I know how to swim.

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Now, I’ve gone snorkeling before and from what I can remember, in Boracay and Bohol they all have brought us to the spot on a boat or a canoe. So, you could imagine how my sister and I reacted when we found out that they don’t bring us to the spot on a boat. In able to get to the spot, we had to go swim on our own…I mean, it’s not like we’re swimming for miles, it was only 20 feet away from the shore…But still just to think that we are not being dropped off by a boat and just the thought of swimming in the ocean, almost had us backed out. I know, Queen Bees much? But at the end of the day, we didn’t want to miss this chance and I’m glad we didn’t because swimming with the turtles was PRETTY AWESOME!

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So off we go, and as for me and my sister, we just had to hold on to this board (with life jackets on) and be pulled by our guide. I swear guys…I am in tears while typing this. I can’t believe how lame my sister and I holding on to the board, with our life jackets on, as our guide pull us to get 20 feet away from the shore. It was pretty hilarious and we were such a mess. There was a point where my sister kicked me on my face. Anyways, I love the beach but I kid you not, if there is one thing I am scared of, it is drowning. I mean…I couldn’t even go to the swim up bar in our resort without my husband holding my  hands.

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There were all kinds of marine life going on, I saw stingrays and lots of beautiful fish. I hated the part where we swam by the corals. It was so much pressure to just swim around it. But I really REALLY did love seeing all the Turtles. I didn’t realize how big and cute they were. The first time I saw them, it was so exciting! I have never seen sea turtles before. I love when they would swim so close to us and pop their head out of the water. It was the cutest thing! I was also surprised by their size. I didn’t realize they are that big. I was also curious about the fish that’s on their shell. Anyone knows what they’re called and why do they stay with the turtles?

Of all the fun memories I had in Cancun, Swimming with the turtles was one of the memories I will always cherish. Until now, I still find myself watching our videos with the turtles. And that’s the thing about traveling, you gain so much memories and so much stories to tell. So for us, this is just one of the memories for the books. I will always remember the funny moments of swimming with the turtles and the tropical colorful town of Akumal.

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