Madonna Inn

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Cue any Madonna Song or better yet the most appropriate song of Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

When my sister told me about the Madonna Inn few years ago, I knew this is the place where I can’t go without her. Although, we never really discussed about an exact date when we are going to this place, we just knew that none of us can’t go without each other. Sooo…when my sister decided to have the first part of her wedding in San Francisco (2nd Part was in Mexico), it was THE time for us to go and celebrate her bachelorette at Madonna Inn.

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I tried to not to research about this place and find out what it really looks like to avoid myself from wanting to go without my sister. So I didn’t find out til’ the few weeks before the Bachelorette that Madonna has no any relations whatsoever with Madonna Inn (and also the fact that I thought Madonna was the one that sang the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun song)…NOPE, Madonna Inn was actually named after the creator Alex Madonna.

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If you are driving down the California Coast, Madonna Inn is the perfect place for an extraordinary stop over. This Inn has got over 110 suites and the best thing about it is, they are all different themes. You could either stay in an antique room, classical room or nature themed room or their shining shimmering splendid room, they got it. My girls and I were lucky enough to be able to stay in Carin – one of the beautiful rooms they got. It was a huge room, it was, based on their website “touched by an angel” in shades soft pink, and not just that, it was also shimmering. The walls were glittering. It was its own private room on the 4th floor with 2 outdoor balconies that offers view of the whole Madonna Inn Ranch, tiled bathroom with 2 mirrors, huge king bed with the adorable little gold angel chandelier. This room was definitely made for a Princess. To even add more feminine touch to it, my sister, had us all girls dress in floral. I also purchased cute little ice cream and bitten donut floaties because we had this idea where we would go to the pool for a swim but sadly, we were short on time.

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For our first night, we had dinner at their whimsical Gold Rush Steak House. The decors in this restaurant was just outstanding, you would never want to leave. The gold decors, their bold and antique tablewares, the pretty pink floral carpet, the ambiance…it was all just put to perfection. Now, if you have been following me, you know that I have spent a lot of time in California Central Coast and one of my favorites here is their steak. So when I ordered steak at this place I knew it wasn’t going to disappoint. Sure enough, it didn’t. Just like how I expected, 12 oz ribeye, cooked Santa Maria style, tender and juicy. But what I found even more spectacular is their cake. We were honestly looking forward to their famous pink cake, however, their pink cake hasn’t been available in months. That’s okay, because, the cake really came out great with or without it. It was sooo good! The flavor is unforgettable and I’m not even exaggerating.

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When we got back to our room, our plan was to just get loose and play bachelorette games. The bad news was, there was a strict rule that only 2 people could be in the room. Somehow, the front desk found out that there’s more of us in the room, so that really put us guarded the entire night and I ended up getting charged the incidental purposes fee on my credit card (whoops). But that’s okay because we still had our fun.

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Now, I know you are probably waiting for the story where Magic Mike came in, but no, we were just too old for that. Don’t get me wrong, my sister and I’s kind of fun is just to explore some good spots around the area. We had brunch at Kuma, where we enjoyed a secluded brunch like A-Listers in Beverly Hills having fantastic sushi and ramen. After, we explored the Gum Wall Alley and ended our day with a lovely horse ride where they took us up in the hills to see the beautiful view of the Madonna Inn’s ranch.

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It took a while for this adventure to happen, but I was happy that it happened on a right time. This kind of adventure was meant for just girls. Madonna Inn, came with a price tag for sure, it is probably one of the reasons why it took us long to go. Needless to say, it was such a fantastic weekend with just the girls and I. Being married and with all the life distractions, it was nice to just getaway for a weekend without the guys for once.

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One thought on “Madonna Inn

  1. Like I said in your Instagram, I came “running” to your post since I’ve always wanted to check Madonna Inn out! It looks like SO much fun! I just had my Bachelorette at Disney but I’ll use whatever excuse to get there and soon! 😀 Lovely to meet you! xo


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