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Anza Borrego Desert State Park

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Anza, Anza, Anza….in all honesty I’ve been putting this place aside even after hearing about this place from my Husband for many years. It was one of those places that I never really got impressed or curious about. Seeing photos of it didn’t really excite me or pushed me to go see until recently when I’ve got the itch to go on an adventure that only a quick adventure could scratch.

As most of you know, I’ve moved closer to the desert, which means Anza Borrego is the closest choice for that quick adventure I was looking for. So off we go, packed our picnic gadgets and head on our way. The road there was quick and painless. It took about 2 hours to get there, less if we didn’t stop and took photos.

As soon as we reached Anza, I was utterly shocked by its beauty. It was something that I didn’t expect. I immediately fell in love. Unlike, Joshua Tree National Park, it has its own unique beauty, containing all the Joshua Trees, it felt more like a forrest than a desert. But, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, ohh boy, I was in for a real treat. It was a complete different deal for me. It was desert vibes all around. The desert mountains, the open space, sand dunes, no trees in sight but cactus and the desert canyons.  It was no surprise that I immediately felt that I was in a real desert. My husband and I regret not planning this trip ahead of time, if we knew that there is much more in Anza ,we, ofcourse, would’ve planned to camp. But that’s okay, because we went back after a few weeks and explored most of it. Be sure to tune in on my next post about that!

Since we didn’t plan to camp, our itinerary included off roading to 17 Palms, down to 5 Palms and have lunch in between, then down to Fonts Point for sunset time, where I enjoyed that beautiful view of the pastel sky overlooking the canyon that looked like moon’s craters. I plan to write more about soon for each of these stops, so please stay tuned!

It was one hell of a fun quick adventure that day. And I really hope you do find your way here… And here’s the thing about what you will love about Anza. This place has less crowd!!! What? Say that again. LESS CROWD. No group of tourists drinking coconut juice in front of Skull Rock, as if, they’re the only people there (ahem* tourists in Joshua Tree*),  no tourist bus, no tourists with their selfie stick. I have high hopes that it will stay this way, because, here’s why: every spot you would want to see in Anza, would require you to have at least a truck or a 4 wheel drive. In Anza, there are no paved roads to get to a place where you want to see. You will be driving off road and get lost deep in the desert. And I tell you, it is the most exciting and fun adventure that you will ever experience in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Trust me!

To be continued…


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