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Angel’s Landing

This is one of those posts again where my mind is overly crowded with thoughts. Cursor is blinking as I stare at this white empty draft. Type. Delete. Type. Delete. This always happens whenever I’d blog about a place too beautiful, I am completely lost for words. All the adjectives and even the superlatives aren’t even enough to describe this place. And this right here, I hope you get an idea how beautiful Zion National Park is. It is beyond spectacular. It is definitely a place that should be on everybody’s bucket list. I do apologize, however, for not being able to provide a lot of photos of this hike as my phone crashed deleting everything just days after our trip .

6 months ago, it has been a very busy months for me and my husband. We were adulting, trying to purchase a house. And if you have been in the same situation, you can definitely relate on how stressful it is to buy a house. So needless to say, the adulting has hindered us from going anywhere and even plan accordingly on what we should do for our first year anniversary as a married couple. But God decided to give us our early anniversary gift and blessed us with our new house a month before our anniversary and by then we decided on what we should do. To celebrate we decided to go to Utah and Arizona. But silly us, again, didn’t book anything months or even weeks before our trip. We booked our hotel 2 days prior arriving. We were such nutters. Everything was expensive and ohh, mind you too, our anniversary fell on Memorial Day weekend. So, you guessed it right, the Park and the whole town was worst than Disneyland. Packed and packed of different tourists, rude obnoxious tourists, B.O. smelling tourists and lastly annoyed and cranky tourist, Me. I thought it was the worst timing to go. So here’s some advice:

  1. Book a year in advance, especially if you’re planning to camp. To get a good campsite you must reserve ahead of time. But if you didn’t get to book in advance, don’t worry, they have plenty of BLM land where you can set up your tent just as long you stay 200 feet away from any water source.
  2. Set at least a week trip here. There’s SOOO many places you need to see and 2 days or 3 days is not going to be enough.
  3. And lastly DO NOT EVER GO during the holiday. Just don’t! Just please try to avoid going on holiday. It’s expensive and I’m sure booking in advance can save tons of money, but I’m talking about not being able to enjoy this place as much with all the other tourists.

Now, let’s not get off the topic. To celebrate our anniversary, we thought we’d challenge ourselves and hike the Angel’s Landing. But, given of course… It was not our typical hike. It’s a 6 mile-round trip trail, it is strenuous, it is massive, it is very VERY challenging. You probably already heard about it or even saw this place on Instagram but if I were to describe it with my own experience, here how it goes – The first 2 and half miles was doable until I got to the last half mile of the trail. To get all the way to the top, the last half a mile, you must climb the steep and narrow trail by holding on to the chains as you carefully watch each of your step. There is no room for mistake, not even one tiny bit. One mistake could be very VERY fatal. Although for me, that was probably the 2nd hardest part, 1st was going up and down those switchbacks. They were the worst. I hated them. EXCLAMATION PERIOD.

Judging on how I described the place, this brings me back to why it took all day for me and my Husband to decide whether we should do this hike or not. I mean, do really want to do this? What if one of us make a mistake? What if this is how I would die? “Wife died during their anniversary by falling off the Angel’s Landing?” (but that would’ve been cool, no? LOL), there’s a lot of people, we should just do the easy hike and save Angel’s Landing for next time…and so on and so forth…You already know how excuses work…But in the end, the heart wants what it wants. We finally stopped with the excuses and just gave ourselves reasons on why we should do it. And guys, it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Not only did I learn that I’m a lot stronger than I thought, even though that hike really did put my health to test, I also learned that My Husband is the best Husband ever, by cheering for me even though I may have cursed him a few times as I huff and puff to get to the top. Now, I could say that there were definitely no regrets, I could now finally say, “Ohh I’ve been there and it was spectacular. It was the most challenging hike but the most rewarding view I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I can’t really describe how beautiful it was up there in words or in my pictures because I think you just have to be there to believe it. ”

IMG_2016 (1)

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