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10 Instagram Worthy Locations in California for Photo Shoot Adventure

I gotta be honest here, one of the things I’m guilty of is my hiking and camping adventures turns out as a “photo shoot adventures.” Guilty as charged. Yes. My name is Baby and I sometimes trick my Husband and everyone to have an adventure with me that turns into a photo shoot. 😛 I know, I know…But comeeee oooonn! Pictures or it didn’t happen. Right? Can I get an Amen?

Joking aside, my friends, in all honesty, I do love photography and editing photos. I think one of the main things why I travel and go out on an adventure aside from learning and having fun and reconnection with earth is for photos. I’m not a photographer of course, but I just love capturing such beauty in my lens and sharing them to everyone, and, you know, to inspire people to go out there and just see it for yourself. I am also NOT selfish about sharing the location of where I took my photos with everyone. It’s just something that I enjoy and love doing. So if you’re in for a photo shoot adventure, look no further, I’ll hook you up on this post. Bring on your A-Game outfits and camera gears because I am about to share with you my favorite Instagram-worthy-photo shoot-spots.

Ohhhh and P.S. Im also adding places here that I know but haven’t been to. You’re welcome! 😛

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum – I wrote about this little quirky outdoor museum in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree. (Read here). As soon as I saw this place on Instagram I knew I have to stop here before we head on to Joshua Tree National Park. Lined up old TV’s, old equipment and some questionable assemblage makes this place a perfect place for you if you’re into that industrial-middle-of-the-desert vibe photos. Also check out Bottle Tree Ranch off Hwy 66. It’s quite similar concept with Noah Purifoy’s art except it’s all bottle assemblage.

Pioneertown – put on your cowboy boots and your cowboy hats because this place is the perfect place for that old wild west theme photos. This place is the perfect place because it was an old movie set. That being said every thing you need and want for a background  and props is already there. Also don’t forget that Pappy and Harriet’s is just next door if you get hungry after the long photo shoot. #thatmodellife. (Read here) Another place similar to this one is in Ghost Town just past Barstow which I’ve been to way before. Yes I had a photo shoot there too but not able to find those photos anymore. There’s also another one similar to this and it is Club Ed in Lancaster.


Salvation Mountain – who doesn’t know about this place? Seriously! If you don’t, lucky for you because I also wrote about this place (read here). This place has got to be one of the most popular destinations for hipsters and trendy people. I mean can you blame us? Just look at how colorful this place is. You should also check out East Jesus just 3 miles away from here. It’s kind of similar to Noah Purifoy but this place is also pretty awesome with arts. Also Niland Town is perfect too for that eerie desert vibe photos. There’s lots of abandoned coffee shops and meat markets with graffiti all over the buildings. Just please be careful and be very extra cautious at this little town because, well, it is one of those places you should NOT be alone at.

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Lucky Baldwin Mine in Holcomb Valley – alright, this requires a little adventure to get to but hey I promise you its going to be worth it plus its fun to go on a little off road adventure. The rustic ore bin is just way too pretty for photos. If you’re into that rustic props, this is it. Plus another stop at the cabin while you’re here? You’re all set! You can find out more information about the auto tour that I wrote about in my Holcomb Valley post (read here).


Hearst Castle – Any castle is already good for a photo shoot. Need I say more?  Just say the word “castle” and I’m sold. What makes Hearst Castle great for a photo location is its undeniably gorgeous architecture not to mention the oh soo dreamy Neptune Pool and Roman Pool. In fact, you probably already saw this place in Lady Gaga’s music video G.U.Y.

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Knapps Castle – just like what I said, just say the word Castle and I’m sold. This castle is one of the most popular place for photographers. The ruins of this castle plus the view is what makes the perfect combination for that romantic photo shoot. And while you’re here don’t forget to stop by Cold Springs Tavern! That place is also perfect for that biker vibe photo shoot.

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Korakia Pensione – Located in Palm Springs this adorable bed and breakfast boutique is perfection for photos. I love this place for its really adorable unique set up. Inside is something you have to see as well. Granted of course, you might have to reserve a room in able to get inside the boutique but I can guarantee it is all worth the money. I talked to one of the workers here before and this is a real place for just peace and quiet and reconnection with your self. Adults only with no WiFi service, breakfast in bed, perfection pool and adorable interior designs? Comeee oooonn!

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium – If you’re into that minimalist with pop of one particular color – lush of greenery – the Cactarium in Moorten Botanical Garden is the perfect place for you. This place is just full of beautiful cactus that serves as a pop of color for your photos. Just make sure you watch out for those torn.

Figueroa Mountain Rolling Hills – put on that flowy white dress or any pastel color dress you have because the rolling hills of the Figueroa Mountain is the perfect place for that girly photo shoot. Add a girly sunny hat and frolic on the meadows with blooming wild flowers this season and boy you have the perfect lovely spring photos!

Taft Point – Lastly, of course, how can I forget this beautiful view point in Yosemite. Yosemite is already gorgeous as it is but if you’re also up for a little adventure why not hike Taft Point and sit on the edge and have that adventurous type of photo shoot? Taft Point is one of those places too that’s popular for photographers and if I may give you a suggestion, check out @noel.alva or @alliemtaylor on Instagram for some inspirations. I also wrote a guide to hike this gem. (Read here)

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I hope you liked this post! Are there any more places that I forgot to mention here? I would love to see if you know any places that’s great for a photo shoot adventure. Let me know in the comment section below!

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