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Top 10 things to do in Cental Coast, California for Spring

Ahh….The Central Coast….My favorite place in California. My small little slice of heaven. My favorite hideaway. If you happen to find yourself going on a road trip here, you made the right decision. And if I may suggest on what to do? Here are the Top 10 things on my list that you may NOT want to miss…

1.Smell the fresh aroma of lavenders at Clairemont Lavender Farm

What else is better than blooming flowers during the spring? The lovely smell of lavenders, of course…and Clairmont Farms offers just that. Chairs just outside for you to lounge and breathe in the fresh aroma of lavenders while looking at the lush of lavender fields. Can’t get any better than that. At the end of the day after the relaxing day, talk to the host and she might just teach you all about lavenders that they cultivated and grow for their lavender products that they sell. Oh and the lavender store? Just lovely.

2. Pick your own organic fruits and vegetables at Summerset Dale’s Nursery

Just a short drive from Clairemont Farms is another farm that you might fall in love with. Stop by at the Summerset Dale’s Nursery to pick your own organic fruits and vegetables in season. The raspberry was a total hit for me and my husband. It was so sweet and fresh. Best. Raspberries. We. Ever. Had. The lovely day we had here is still one of the memories I will always remember. Picking your own fruit is just really fun way to relax.


3. Have a lunch or dinner at Succulent Cafe

I keep bragging about this place. Because why not? Delicious and beautiful food. Ahh my perfect combination. Add a cozy environment and ample portions. Now, I’m in love.


4. Explore and Learn about Hearst Castle

Learn about the history and art of Hearst Castle. Tour Tickets starting from $25. You will learn about what inspired Hearst to build this castle and what the parties were like back in the days. Trust me, a short 2 hour drive from Santa Barbara to this gem is nothing but a rewarding memory you will forever cherish.

5. Go to a brewery of your choice

You can’t go to Central Coast California without going to a brewery. If there’s one thing Central Coast is known for its their wide selection of brewery and winery. 805 beers. No need to say more.

6. Wine Tasting

Because, duh?! Why not? Can’t go to Central Coast without stopping by at the winery. Central coast is home to lots and lots of grapes making this place an outstanding wine country destination. Don’t worry about not knowing where to go too because they are everywhere here.

7. Enjoy the view at Knapp’s Castle

Don’t have the 2 hours time to spare for Hearst Castle? That’s okay. How about a short drive and a very short hike to Knapp’s Castle? Knapp’s Castle burned down years ago leaving only its remnants. Open to the public, you may hike here and just take in the fresh air and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Cachuma and  Santa Ynez Valley.

8. Find your own secret paradise at Paradise Road

Just like us. Drive to the very end of the Paradise Road and take a hike. A short 3/4 of mile might lead you in secret swimming holes.

9. Hang out with the nicest bikers you’ll ever meet in Cold Springs Tavern

A known pit stop for bikers, hipsters and everything in between. Cold Springs Tavern is nestled in Stagecoach Road  off the Hwy 154. Hang out, listen to the music and have a beer. If you’re lucky and come in time, you may even be able to have a lunch at their restaurant and have their best tri tip sandwich.

10. Camp at Figueroa Mountain and Chase Wild Flowers

This is the best time to go right now for camping. Perfect weather and perfect season to chase them wild flowers blooming all across the hills of Figueroa Mountains. Right now, Central Coast is painted gold with wild California Poppy flowers and more wild flowers…moreee…#lookingforwardtoournextadventure. 



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