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Instagram 101: Tips and Tricks

Last month I have neglected my blog. There’s just SO many “grown up” things happening right now: house hunting, new job, focusing on my weight loss journey (Yes, you heard that right)…these grown up things seriously just leaves me to little to absolutely NO time to blog. But the good news is I’m back!

Anyways, ever since I can remember, I have ALWAYS love, and I mean LOVE editing photos. Back in Myspace days, if I can recall…my page would always change everyday. I spent my days and nights creating photo designs for my page #dork. I enjoyed it and I loved it. It was just something that I found very soothing and comforting for my stressful life back in high school. Soo fast forward to this life we have now…when I joined Instagram, I felt like I finally found a perfect social media match for me. Ok, that sounds very dramatic, but you know what I mean.  Instagram is my one and only favorite social media out there. Aside from my Facebook, I have NO Twitter, NO Snapchat or any other Social Media so most of my days sometimes are spent lurking and getting inspiration from Instagram. For the few years I’ve been on Instagram, I guess I learned some tips and tricks that I thought might be a little helpful to some of you. Now, I don’t claim that I have the best Instagram feed or photos there nor do I claim that I’m an Instagram genius, but this is just to give you an idea on how I edit my photos, my tips and tricks on how I use my Instagram…just in case you are wondering.


So, shall we start?


This is probably the most important and No. 1 tip I can give you. You have to be consistent with your Instagram photos. What’s the purpose of your Instagram? What’s your Instagram feed is trying to tell? Some of us focuses on one thing when it comes to our Instagram, for example, my Instagram mostly focused on Adventures. Some food, some make up, some outfits et cetera et cetera…Find your story to tell. What you would be known as? The bottom line is, everything MUST be consistent – your story, your feed and your filter (I’ll talk about the filters in a bit). Some of us might want to share and focus on more than one thing and that’s ok too as long as you’re consistent.

Photo Filter

Are you one of those people that edits their photos way too much? If you are, STOP right now. Nothing annoys me more than way overly edited photos. I’m all for photo filters and editing photos but I don’t over use it. You don’t want to take away too much from the beauty you just captured.

Anyways, I’d like to share as much knowledge as I can on this area, because to be honest this is my favorite part.

So photo filters… Here’s a Tip: Use ONLY 1 filter and STICK to it.

Why? Because when you use one filter, your feed builds consistency, which I highly believe helps a lot when you’re growing your followers. If you noticed, most of the famous Instagrammers aside from being consistent with their subject they are also consistent with their filter. Remember: Be Consistent.  No matter what photo editor app you are using, just use one filter. Just trust me on this.

Another tip is when it comes to photo editor app, use only 3 apps to a minimum. I find that when you use too much photo editor, it takes a lot away from your original photos plus I mean, come on, do your really have all that free time to edit your photos? For me, I only use 1 to 2 maximums apps. And that’s VSCO and Facetune. Believe it or not, I hate spending way too much time on editing my photos, so as much as I can, I only use one. Trust me, sometimes when I have to use the 2nd app, I’m already getting annoyed. Anyways, I find VSCO to have the best presets and editing tools. Hands down! I have been using this app since 2013 and I have never used any other app besides that, well, except Facetune but that’s only when I need help with airbrush to cover some blemishes that my concealer didn’t get.

Trick for VSCO user: Find your 1 perfect VSCO filter. There are bunch of VSCO tutorials accounts on Instagram. Just by typing in “VSCO Tutorial” on the search button you will find numbers of them. Just a fair warning though, it gets very addicting once you start looking for your perfect VSCO filter…soo just watch out for this one.

Editing Tools:

I’m not going to bore you with what presets or filters are good because its completely up to you how you want your filters. However, I’d like to give you this: Play around with editing tools. Sometimes, photo filters are way too strong making photos looks weird or too edited. Some of us don’t like using filters and love the raw photos and that’s totally fine too but editing tools can also sometimes help with enhancing colors cameras might have missed.

Trick with editing tools is to play with Saturation for Colors, Exposure for brightness, Contrast for lighting sharpening…


Another thing when it comes to taking your IG photos is lighting. Lighting is everything. The tip is to find your perfect lighting! I’m no professional photographer, however, I’ve heard this so many times that when it comes to professional photographers, lighting is everything for them. One thing I learned from our wedding photographer is that the best time to take outdoor photos is during the golden hour – which is an hour before the sun sets. Another thing I learned is that, if you are taking photos during the peak of sunlight is to avoid facing the sun because this makes you squint your eyes in photos, so as much as possible, when you’re taking photos of yourself outdoor in the middle of the day try finding some shady spot or avoid facing the sun.


I’ve heard so many times that Instagrammers should refrain from using too much hashtags. While they are right, I find that most of the people that says this are people that are already famous and don’t have to rely on Hashtags anymore. But I think it just all depends on how you really want to use hashtags. For me, I rely on hashtags for the photo likes and possible features on Instagram. In fact, I actually put the maximum amount (30) of hashtags in my photos.

This is my tip though for Hashtags: use hashtags that is appropriate for your photos and use feature hashtags, as well. By doing so, it will give you chance to get noticed and get featured by other known Instagrammers.

Trick: Tag known Instagrammers on your photos too for possible feature!

Clean Feed

This is almost relevant to photo filter that I just talked about. But I feel like this needs a separate section because this is totally optional.

I learned that what catches my attention to follow someone on Instagram is that he/she has the cleanest feed Ive seen. So what do I mean by clean feed? This means that his/her photos has clean colors. I highly believe that having a clean feed helps also with boosting followers. Well of course, being inspiring is already one of them but having a clean feed just adds to it all. Plus, admit it, it makes your feed looks really pretty!

Tip on having a clean feed, is basically having a clean background on your photos or taking photos with the same colors and concept.


I feel like I’m getting too serious now on this one. But hey, just wanted to share some tips here. You absolutely don’t have to listen to me on this one. Because  of course we can all post photos whenever and however we want, right? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it is annoying when you spam someone’s feed. I think this is one of the reason why I or you lose a follower. It’s either you’re just too annoying or you posts unnecessary stuff. There are also other factors, of course. For one, when you are absent on Instagram for a while and don’t posts often. But how often is often, anyways? For me, if I’m following you I’d like to see you post at least twice a day or every other day. This way, I don’t forget about you. Because if you post only once a month, I tend to forget who you are and that makes me unfollow.

Tip: The good time to post photos on Instagram, and trust me on this too, because I learned this over the years – post every morning and afternoon. I noticed that when I post in the morning and night or sometimes even during my lunchtime – because these times are when most people check their phone – the more likes I get on my photos.  Again, this part is the crazy one so you don’t really have to listen to me.


I’ve already mentioned few tips and tricks above on how to get a good amount of likes and grow your followers. Hashtags, Clean Feed, Consistency and Posting time frames do really help a lot when you really want those double taps. However, sometimes they can only go a long way. Here’s another tip if you’re really on that panic mode and have not reached your minimum likes. Like and comment on the people that you follow. This way they notice you and you’d be surprise how many people are there that would love to return the favor. But don’t do this just for likes. Do this to interact with other people that shares the same interests and make friends. Because if you’re really out there just for likes and comments? You’re better off checking out Kylie Jenner and Kendal Jenner’s  Instagram photo comments and trade likes with people there. That LB, C4C that you see there? They meant Like Back and Comment for Comment.

Anyways, I think I covered as much knowledge that I know and I hope that you found this post a little helpful for your Instagram! You absolutely don’t have to listen to me and of course, these tips are absolutely in no way suggesting and guaranteeing you to get a good amount of likes and followers. But what I’d like to know is, are there any more tips or tricks that you know that I should know about?

IMG_2016 (1)

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4 thoughts on “Instagram 101: Tips and Tricks

  1. Thanks for this informative Instagram 101 article, Baby! Now I need to do a little change on managing my feed. I think what’s also important aside from filters and hashtags are your photos’ stories. It’s nice to see awe-mazing photos with great captions, ones that tell a story about your life or your business. Showing your followers a bit of your personality is also key.


    1. Totally agree with you on that one and thank you for reading! I love reading photo captions of story tellers on IG. One of my favorite is @emitoms. Love her personality and her genuine stories 😊


  2. Thanks for sharing such an informative and detailed blogpost. Really enjoyed reading it and hope I will stick to your advices – I just don´t feel so at home with VSCO (same as with Pinterest somehow I just don´t get it) haha – will check out your IG now 😉


    1. Awww! Totally understandable! Im over here trying to still figure out Pinterest too! Lol! And thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post! I did check out your IG (and Im following u btw!) you do have nice clean and consistent feed! You dont really need VSCO because whatever app or whatever youre doing is working fine! 😊


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