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My Goals for 2016

2 more weeks and we’re about to ring in the New Year. 2015 has been such a wonderful year for me. I traveled more, I went on a lot of adventures but the most big step I did this year is I GOT MARRIED.

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Today I wrote down a list of my goals for the year of 2016. I have never done this before, so, this is really new to me. Anyways,without further we gooo..

  1. LEARN HOW TO DANCE – I believe I have the ability to dance if I just learn how.  I think I really do. I mean, everybody has the ability to dance, right? So for next year, I want to start signing up in dance classes. If you’re wondering what kind of dance I want to learn…hip hop, interpretative, dirty dancing (because Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie) are what I’m interested at.
  2. GO ON A CONCERT – I have been to a concert once: Kelly Clarkson. And I wasn’t even a fan. Now that I have a particular favorite singers I want to go on one again. I have been so obsessed with Alina Baraz and God, I just really want to see her perform in person.
  3. BE HEALTHY – Lol. Such a cliche, really. But NOPE my goal is NOT to lose weight but just be healthy. Start eating healthy, avoid rice (God, please help me), avoid a lot of carbs, start working out again or even just going for a walk. Just BE HEALTHY.
  4. START BAKING – I can cook but I CAN’T bake. So next year I want to start baking. Even just trying the “no baked cake recipes”. Does that count?
  5. GO BACK TO SCHOOL – This is my top priority. I have given myself years and years of excuses not to go back to school. But now that I am married and starting a family (Yes I know this is kind of late for me to realize) I really need to go back to school. I applied already for the next semester, Yay! But this time I am really determined to be serious with school.
  6. SPEND LESS TIME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA- Now that I said that next year I will be going back to school, I believe its just right to put my social media on the side for a little bit. Social Media, for me, has been so consuming and such a distraction. Also for some reason, I feel like every time I’m on it I am competing with everybody. I need to refresh and to remember that I have to use my Social Media in a right way.
  7. GO ON MY 1st SOLO TRIP – YAS! This year was so much adventures. I did a little bit of solo strolls (read my solo adventures here) and that was SO much fun. For next year, though, I’d like to take it to the next level. Maybe go on a local trip, say, New York? I mean, I have always dreamed of going there. So why not right?
  8. LOOSEN UP (a bit) – Seriously, I think I might be the most uptight woman you will ever meet. I aim to perfection most of the times. Nothing is wrong with that but sometimes when you aim to perfection you end up so disappointed. So next year, enough with that. I want to loosen up a little bit and tell myself that it’s OK to not be perfect. It’s ok if you can’t be the best at everything.
  9. AVOID SALTY CONDIMENTS – If some people are obsessed with their spicy condiments I’m obsessed with sprinkling everything with salt. I think, ever since I was a little kid my Mom would hide all our salt away from me. But now that I’m getting older, I have to take this in consideration as well. I must stay away from it to avoid high blood pressure and other health problem that might occur.
  10. START SAVING – Yes I know another cliché thing to add on this list. But when I say start saving, I mean do everything I can to save money. If I have to be frugal as much as I can, then be it. If it means I have to start couponing then I will. It doesn’t hurt to save $2 sometimes on your grocery.
  11. BE ON TIME – Seriously LOL. I think this is why my husband and I are so meant for each other. We both are the biggest procrastinator. We’re always late on everything. It’s really annoying and frustrating. I really want to change this bad habit of mine. If I can start, maybe I can inspire my husband to do the same.

I think this sums up my goals for 2016. I didn’t put a lot, because I want this list to be realistic and attainable.


Soooo..what are your goals?

IMG_2016 (1)

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