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5 Trendy Cafes and Restaurants in Southern California for your Instagram

We’ve all been there. Saw it. Heard about it. But you know that the only main reason you just went there for is: Instagram. Don’t worry, NO judgment here, I’m guilty of it too. To tell you the truth, modern, rustic, picturesque food are one of my weaknesses when it comes to Instagram. With that being said, Cafes and Restaurants are actually my favorite to go places when I’m feeling very trendy and hip. So without further ado, here I listed down 5 of my favorite trendy and hip Cafes and Restaurants that will guarantee to give you not only great food and great experience but also give you that amazing “hipster” Instafood photos.

Just a little disclaimer before you continue reading please do note that this is just based on my experience and may be biased by my own opinion.


A cafe/bar that serves a warm and cozy environment. This is the kind of place where you sit down and just enjoy the afternoon with your girlfriends sipping on a glass of wine that’s paired with their beautifully done Charcuterie Plate. That Charcuterie Plate though…It’s almost too pretty not to eat. Almost. So there you go, you got the picturesque Charcuterie plate plus their ample portion of traditional homemade food, now you’ve got a hip Instagram photo. And how about taking some candid photos with your friends too outside the Succulent Cafe with the danish village as your background?

Location: Solvang, California.

My favorite: Charcuterie Plate and Fried Cornbread


Urth Caffe

It’s no surprise that this place is one of the trendiest cafes in Los Angeles. Not only is this place is famous for their amazing coffee and lattes but they are also famous for their fresh, healthy and delicious picturesque food. I mean, just look at these photos. How about that salad? Or that quirky lattes with the cute little designs? Aren’t they pretty? With Urth Caffe’s picturesque foods and latte, your Instagram followers will be guaranteed to be drooling all over your photos.

Location: Los Angles, California.

My favorite: Red thai tea latte.


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Raki Raki & Tsukemen

God, how do I even begin to describe this place? I love this place, that, and also I just really LOVE ramen. The ramen here is just fantastic. Sure there is nothing and I mean really NOTHING will ever compare to the ramen I’ve had in Tokyo (Read Here), but to tell you the truth I actually went back here just to be sure that the ramen here is just as close as the one I’ve had in Tokyo. And sure enough, it is. What I also love about this place is its appealing modern meet rustic interior design. One thing you should know about me is that any restaurants that have rustic tables and serves their drink in a mason jar is always a plus for me. I mean, come on…rustic tables + mason jars + modern interior + fantastic ramen..uhm hello? Instagram Worthy Photo.

Location: San Diego, California

My favorite: Tsukemen and Oxtail Ramen


Umami Burger

Never a big fan of burgers? Well never say never. I was never a big fan of burgers until one of our friends introduced me to Umami Burger. Umami means that 5th flavor that’s made out of all that flavor that you know of: salty, sweet, bitter and sour. Now, the Burger. This is the best part. And no, none of that crappy ground beef. No. The meat that’s in Umami Burger is their fresh high-quality beef that they chopped up and packed with that Umami flavor. Doesn’t that sound good? What makes Umami Burger Instagram worthy for me is that this burger is so simple yet it’s so sophisticated.

Location: Many locations in Los Angeles, Anaheim and Costa Mesa, California.

My favorite: Sunny Side Burger, Ahi Tuna Burger, UFO Dessert, Truffle Fries and Tempura Onion Rings.

Note: If you find yourself in Anaheim Umami Burger and feeling more trendy, walk towards to Anaheim Packing District. The food there might not be as impressive as how people make it seem like but the organic meets rustic and vintage interior plus their ice cream bars are very trendy right now on Instagram.

Umami Burger
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Anaheim Packing District


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Gypsy Den, Cafe Anaheim

Health freak, are ya? Or healthy food for you makes a great subject for Instagram Photos? Well look no further. Gypsy Den will just make you fall in love even if you do not eat healthy food. Gypsy and rustic interiors? Wow! This place will surely inspire you to reconsider about decorating your house again. With the gypsy meets rustic and vintage interior plus their healthy and fresh picturesque meals, uhmm… hellooo? Insta likes for sure!

Location: Anaheim, California, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana

My favorite: Sangria and Ancient Grains Salad

So I hope that you liked this post! I would also love some trendy cafe and restaurant recommendations as well so if you have any please let me know on the comment below.

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