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The Magical Morning at Joshua Tree National Park

My husband and I are not morning people which explains why we both have never witnessed the sunrise before. EVER. We planned it before when we went for a hike at Taft Point in Yosemite (Read Here) but just like what always happens, we chose to sleep in and had a late start.

Several months later, off we went to another camping adventure in Joshua Tree National Park, and finally, finally…we both decided to watch the sun rise this time.

We were camping so it wasn’t hard to force ourselves to wake up anyways. But we still set our alarm at exactly 4:20 just to be sure that we will wake for this.

The night at Joshua Tree was a bit rough, it was windy actually, so we were up even before our alarm went on.

The magical morning at Joshua Tree didn’t just start when the sun rises.

Sometime between 3 or 4 in the morning the moon was no longer visible.

And there it was…

Complete darkness…

Pitch black.

Joshua Tree Milky Way
Photo Via: Pinterest Direct Link :

The sky was glittering, peppered with millions of shining stars. Constellations after constellations. Stars after stars. Pinkish, bluish and white dusty spots in the sky that I believe were milky way from the galaxy. The 3 bright stars of Orion constellation were there and not hard to miss. We didn’t see some meteor showers but it was still like a dream. Magical.  Mind you, the last time I’ve seen a glittering sky like this was when I was a little girl in Mindoro, Philippines with my cousins.

Photo Via: Google Direct Link:

Although I already expected that the night sky at the desert would be different, I somehow, still didn’t expect that it would be as good as how I’ve seen it in photos. I’ve gone camping with my husband  in the mountains before and seen starry nights there, however, the starry night at Joshua Tree National Park is way different.

And here’s what you should know about me: Some women dreamed of becoming a princess but not me, I dreamed to become an astronaut so this was a really magical moment for me. Full moon is my icon. I go crazy when I see one. I spend hours sometimes just staring at it in awe.

My husband and I opened all our tent’s window and we both lied down just staring at the sky. Star gazing, while we wish upon the stars for this day to never end.

After an hour of star gazing we both got up and finally started cleaning up.

We started to head out the road at exactly 5:45 in the morning.

The sunrise would start at 6:22.

Around 6 in the morning the light was starting to peek so we knew were not going to make it to the spot where we wanted to watch the sunrise. We decided to just stop at an empty lot with just the valley and mountains as our view. We set our chairs and waited for the sun to rise.

Around 6:15 the sun started to peek in between the mountain. Spreading a little bit of light behind the mountains.

And there at exactly 6:23 AM….

The sun has risen up, spreading its glorious golden light throughout the valley and mountains. The golden light was spreading throughout the valley in a slowly yet in a fast moment…

And just like that a new day has begun

It was a magical moment, such a dream. I was grinning from ear to ear. I don’t mean to overreact, really. I promise. But it was just an amazing experience. It was such a special moment for me. And witnessing it with my husband who also shares the first sunrise experience with me made it even more special.

And this right here, is what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for magical moments like these that I share with my husband. For new adventures, new beginnings, my friends, my family, for a new day, new life, for everything…This is what I’m ALWAYS thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Happy Exploring!


Baby The Explorer

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5 thoughts on “The Magical Morning at Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Oh wow, that night sky! As a fellow ex-aspiring-astronaut, such beauty probably would have made me cry. And a beautiful sunrise too! So happy to see such a magical moment getting proper appreciation!

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