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Boracay’s Secret Paradise: Ilig Iligan Beach

Two days before we left Boracay, my husband talked me into exploring outside the White Beach by renting a motorbike. My husband really wanted to see the highest point Mt. Luho, that was the plan until we missed the road and instead we found ourselves lost in a secret paradise – Ilig Iligan Beach.

Ilig-Iligan beach is a quaint little beach located at the very end of Main Road.  It is secluded but accessible via motorbikes, bicycle or hiking. Although I’m not sure, I think you can make an arrangement with a tricycle to drop you off and pick you up as this place is a little far from establishment.

The palm trees, green tropical foliage and an abandoned boat were such a feast for my eyes.

The water of Ilig Iligan is pristine and cleaner although the waves here are not as calm compared to the waves in White Beach. The sand is also white but not as powdery as the other beaches in Boracay Island.

The rocks nearby the shore was something that my husband I enjoyed very much for snorkeling. There were a lot of interesting marine life that we saw and at one point a sea snake jumped over my leg.

There were locals at the beach that offered a cheap snorkeling experience nearby but we skipped that since my husband and I have gone snorkeling days before at the Crocodile Island.

Ilig Iligan Beach was a perfect place to avoid the crowd that day. It was quiet and very secluded place. There was nobody around except for one friendly group of people having a picnic.  They were having fun as well just climbing the rocks and jumping off the cliffs. One of them even gave me and my husband slices of watermelon. If we had more time in Boracay we would absolutely go for a picnic too but since we are leaving the next day we decided to just add it on our list of things to look forward to when we go back to Boracay.

I highly recommend Ilig Iligan Beach if you are looking to avoid the crowd in White Beach. And while you’re at it bringing snacks or food for picnic is not a bad idea as well just please be responsible of your own trash.

Our last whole day was mostly spent here just drinking beer, swimming and snorkeling. It was the perfect little hidden gem we found to end the last day of our honeymoon in Boracay.

Getting lost in Ilig Iligan Beach was the best thing that could have happened because now I have something to look forward to every time I find myself back here and that is my little secret paradiseIlig Iligan Beach.

FYI: There’s 2 nearby store in this beach. I sent my husband to the store nearby to get us a beer and bread to feed the fish. Which was a bad idea by the way,  DON’T DO IT. I got so comfortable that I forgot that sending my foreigner husband at the store anywhere in the Philippines was a No-No. My husband pretty much got scammed at the store paying 250 pesos for one San Miguel beer and yes that is a lot.

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