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Hiking Adventure: Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

Another weekend, another hike. Last week was Inspiration Point in Wrightwood, California, few weeks before that was Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles and this weekend was Abalone Cove Shoreline Park in Rancho Palos Verdes.

This weekend my husband and I along with our pup had such a great time hiking in Abalone Cove. Here’s a fun fact about me and my husband: We LOVE and I mean really LOVE nature and hiking. We have always loved hiking and going on a spontaneous picnic in the middle of the forest or anywhere with picnic areas that involves peace, quite and the beauty of nature, thus, the story of our engagement (Read Here).Abalone Cove Shoreline Park is located in Rancho Palos Verdes about 45 minutes away from Orange County. Abalone Cove features two beaches (Abalone Cove and Sacred Cove), you will also find numbers of trails for hiking but I believe that the main attraction here is the tide pools. Aside from the tide pools though there’s so much other attractions that’s going on here – beautiful bluff-top viewing areas, two gorgeous promontories- Portuguese Bend Point and Inspiration Point, Sacred Cove with its sea caves, black sand, and rare plants. 

With all the main attractions here I was actually only interested in one place – Inspiration Point. The reason why is because prior to this I have been SO obsessed with Noel Alva’s beautiful photos of girls sitting on the cliff with the beautiful view of the ocean. Though the photos I took did not turn out nowhere near to Noel’s photography I still think that the photos I took turned out to be great.

Photo Via http://pvplc.org/_lands/abalone_cove.asp

To get to the Inspiration Point we started our way in Abalone Cove Trail – this trail was very easy. It was mostly flat and downhill. It took us about just 15 minutes from Abalone Cove Trail to get to Sea Dahila Trail – a trail by the beach. We walked mostly on big stones and rocks making this trail uneven that made it a bit hard to walk on. We then made our way to Olmstead Trail – a paved trail and short uphill trail. From this trail we then made it to Portuguese Loop Trail making our way to Portuguese Bend Point. We stopped in Portuguese Bend Point for a bit to take photos and breath in some fresh air. Portuguese Bend Point is a point in Abalone cove that offers a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the tide pools the  at the bottom. This point is actually safer than the Inspiration Point because of the railings around it. After taking a rest in Portuguese Bend Point we headed back on the trail making our way to Cave Trail – this trail was very steep. I find this this trail very challenging as we made our way down. This trail was completely steep, unpaved and we hiked down on mostly dry dirt. We made our way down to the Sacred Cove and we stopped here as well to enjoy the beautiful view of the caves that’s surrounding the beach. We then walked on the black sand beach and made our way to Cliffside Trail. Cliffside Trail was also a challenge, it was a paved long uphill trail but the view while hiking this trail made it so worth it. The view of the Sacred Cove was beautiful which made me even more excited what view was waiting for me on the top of Inspiration Point. The Cliffside trail then connected to Sacred Cove View Trail. Then a short uphill hike in Sacred Cove View Trail and we made it to the Inspiration Point Trail.

Abalone Cove Trail
Sea Dahila Trail
Sacred Cove
Cliffside Trail

Sacred Cove

A few more walks later and we made it to the viewing point of Inspiration Point. The view up in Inspiration Point was impeccable. And views like this is why I love hiking. I gotta say that compare to the hikes I’ve done before with an ocean view in California, this was the most beautiful one I’ve seen. It was such a clear day that day we were able to see Catalina Island. The sunlight was oh-so-perfect making the ocean appear more clear and bluer. It took a long 3 miles hike to get to the Inspiration Point but it was totally worth it.

After our hike we opted to hike on the easier route which was back to Smugglers Trail to the side road of Palos Verdes South Drive. It didn’t take long for us to get back to our car. The route that we used to get back took only about 20-30 minutes of a short hike.

It was a lovely day and very well spent Saturday with my husband and our Pup.

FYI: Parking costs $6 for the first 2 hours and $12 for more than 2 hours.

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