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Mosaic Tile House, Venice Beach, California

My thirst for adventures have been off the charts lately that NO three digit weather can ever stop this adventurous heart of mine.

So one weekday afternoon, after my doctor’s appointment, I decided to wander around. I’ve been meaning to go to Venice Beach to check out some murals and some Instagram worthy spots and since I had the whole day to myself I thought this would be the best time to go.

I wandered around in Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice Beach for an hour and took some Instagram worthy murals photos before I decided to call it a day. I Wazed my home and realized that I’d be stuck in rush hour and since I didn’t really want that, I had 2 choices. A. I can sit in traffic for an hour or so or B. I can go to Mosaic Tile House that I’ve been meaning to see and kill my time there. And as you guessed it, I chose to follow my heart. Off I went to Mosaic Tile House that only took 4 minutes from Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Mosaic-a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

Mosaic Tile House is located in the street of Palm Boulevard, Venice Beach, which is owned by both Artists Cherri Pan and her husband Gonzalo Duran.The house is in residential area except this house is not one of the average typical house around its neighborhood.

The moment I entered the house, I was in awed. It was like walking in a dream. Every inch and every corner of the house were covered in mosaic tiles. For the house, Cheri creates the tiles, and Gonzalo shatters them and mosaics them onto surface and forms that he creates. Cherri and Gonzalo started this once just as a weekend project that turned into a lifetime love affair. 21 years later, the once bland home was turned to a magnificent work or art.

Cherri makes the tiles, Gonzalo her husband breaks and mosaics them onto surfaces and forms that he creates.
Some of the tiles and plates and other things were donated by their family, friends and neighbors
Giraffe Gardening Tools Cabinet made by Gonzalo
Elephant Form made by Gonzalo

Inside their house was the gift shop that’s filled with arts that she sells, ranging from $5-$20. Most of the arts that Cherri sells are pressed wine bottles (from Trader Joe’s), milk bottles, vodka bottles and more that can be used as serving plates. Behind the gift shop is their kitchen, which is even more prettier. She told me that the plates and bowls that they use were the items that didn’t get sold for more than 5 years. She then showed me the photo of what the house looked like before it was remodeled, which to me, looked like just a typical house. But the way she described it, was if it was the ugliest house she’d seen, I assumed it was just the Artist in her.

On the wall if you can see on the photo below, were painted guitars that Gonzalo also made for sale, ranging $200-$300.

She then showed me her art studio which was the highlight of their house and which was the whole reason why they bought the house. The studio, which was a huge backyard then, is now huge white room filled with her arts and paint stuff.

The trees of life oil painting by Cherri
Trees of Life Oil Painting by Cherri

In her studio was the most romantic arts I’ve seen for the first time. Portraits and portraits of her husband that she painted just hanging on the wall. She told me that her husband has always been her model. Which I thought was really sweet. She also painted some portraits of her and husband, which I jokingly told her “painted selfies”.

On the back of her big studio is her husband’s smaller art studio. A studio that’s also filled with the most romantic arts I’ve seen for the first time. And here is one of my favorite of Gonzalo’s arts.

If you look closely on the photo above, the little guy on the right is Gonzalo as a fisherman, and the  mermaid girl on the bottom left is Cherri. The story of the art is, Gonzalo as a fisherman trying to fish for the mermaid girl (Cherri), using the written promises as a bait. I mean, come on…tell me that isn’t the sweetest thing?

Here is another favorite of mine from Gonzalo. The guy on the left is Gonzalo serenading Cherri, wearing a tablecloth.

She then showed me the rest of their house, from their bathroom to the side yards, which covered 100% in mosaic. Cherri also makes pottery for sale ranging from $500-$1000. There was one pottery that she made that was really special which I forgot to take a picture of. Basically, it was special because she was working on it when the 9/11 happen. Inside the clay pot are drawings of what could be happening when the 9/11 happened: people jumping out of the buildings, messages and more…

After Cherri toured me, she let me wander around and take photos as much as I wanted to.

I couldn’t help myself but just be in awe while I wander around. I’m no Artist nor do I have an eye for art, but I gotta say that this house is just a magnificent work of art and love. From all the mosaic arts that they both worked on for years to the paintings and pieces of arts Cherri and Gonzalo made that was inspired by the love they have for each other, one thing was for sure-every inch in their house is a representation of their passion and love for each other. Cherri and Gonzalo seemed to be so in love and I only hope for me and my husband to grow old like them.

My phone battery died and I decided to go home. Cherri and Gonzalo walked me to the door and said such sweet goodbyes to me.

Driving back, I couldn’t wait to share to my husband how lovely my day went. It took me 2 and half hours to get home, but it didn’t really matter to me, because as I was driving all I could think about is that I had such a lovely day.

FYI: The tour is $12, which I didn’t mind paying because Cherri gave me a really detailed tour.She was lovely and nice to talk to. The tour is appointment only, but I came on a weekday and I didn’t have to make an appointment. I assumed that they weren’t busy at all that’s why they took me in. And lastly, if you find yourself here one day, respect this house as this place is home to Cherri and Gonzalo.

What did you think of this Mosaic Tile House? Did you already add this on your list to see in Southern California? Anyway I’m on Instagram @babyephora, follow me to see some exclusive sneak peek photos of what’s next to come on my blog. Talk Soon!


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