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Why I love Boracay

Boracay will always be my favorite island in the Philippines. It is the only island in the Philippines I see myself never getting tired of coming back to again and again, It’s one of those place that I have been too and never once missed home, one of those place that once I arrived and leave I already dream of when I’m coming back again .

With 7,107 islands in the Philippines, why Boracay though? Other than the fact that the reason why I really love Boracay is because of its white powdery sand and crystal clear water, I have my other special reasons too.

If Mexico has Cancun. Philippines has Boracay. That said its the Number 1 very well known spots in the Philippines. Home to beach front hotels and restaurants, from popular fast food restaurants to bars and clubs it’s like never being away from the City. Sure Boracay is not home for peace and quite but sometimes I like my vacation where I can feel like im still within a Civilized area. Boracay is such a small island there’s no way for anyone to get lost. Easy access to the beach, easy transfers, easiest place to book. There’s a lot of activities to choose from for such a small island, though, I am a chill and relax at the beach type of gal, the options for activities is widely open at any time. I love the food here, especially the free daily breakfast buffet that comes in a hotel package. With so many restaurants to choose from, from cheapest to expensive ones, its guaranteed great food.

Like what I said it’s not just the beach I fell in love with in Boracay but it’s simply because of all the “Firsts” memories I had in here. Boracay is the first paradise I have ever been to with my husband. It is the first island I was able to afford to go to. It is the first island that I fell in love with. It’s the first island that I took my Mom to whose never been to a paradise before. It’s the first island that opened my heart and eyes to the adventure world. Back in the days you wouldn’t even caught me dead pinning adventures on Pinterest. Let’s just say that my idea of fun is being a couch potato watching TV all day long. My idea of adventure was bar hopping and drinking my life away.

Sadly some Filipinos are tired of this island and or maybe they don’t see Boracay anymore how I see it but I think because some people just don’t get out of the main Stations to explore more.

I have only been to Boracay twice but I feel like I am always home when I’m here. I feel comfortable here, it’s like never being away from home. I can talk all day about the other reasons why I really love this place but it will all just comes down to this reason. It’s home. The comfort that Boracay offers just like how I feel when I’m home is the reason why I will always see myself coming back to this place again and again.

Boracay is Home. It’s where my heart is.

Have you been to Boracay? Tell me all about it! Let’s chat and become friends. Also pls. don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @babysephora and say Hi to me so I can follow you.


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