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10 Fun Easy Ways to Feel Like You’re in a Different Country

Travel bug is real. Once it bites you it’s hard to get rid of. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time and money to just be in a place when we really want to. But the good news is…there are ways to still feel like you’re in the different part of the world even if you can’t. Here’s my lists to how you can feel like you’re in a different part of the world just by staying local.

1.Go on a road trip 🚘🌎- The cheapest and easiest way to travel is by land. If you don’t love road trips… you’re just gonna have to, because there’s just some awesome and unique places that requires you to go on a road trip. My husband and I love road trips especially when we get a 3 day weekend at work. Whether it’s short or a long road trip, we make it count. I can’t tell you how many times I have been surprised by places I’ve been to here in California that made me feel like I was in the other side of the world. Trust me, road trips are totally worth your time.

2. Temple Run⛲️🏯- A current favorite activity of mine. I just recently found out that there are few temples in Southern California that’s really worth checking out and that’s probably why right now I am so into researching temples nearby. Research and learn about a nearby temple around your area and I promise that you will feel like you’re in a different Country. Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple for example, is such a beautiful place. The architecture was nicely done and when I was there it sent me right in UAE. Although, when I looked at the photos I took, it looked like that I was somewhere in Rome. I can only imagine how even better the temples are in another Country, like say, the one in Japan, Thailand or China?

3. Go for a food trip and shopping in Asia Town🍜😛- Best meal ever? Somewhere in Asia? Cheap knock offs from China? Korea Town, China Town, Thai Town. Wherever or whatever it is, there’s just some restaurants and shopping places that’s worth driving to these little Asia Towns. The best way to experience to be as close as to what you had in Asia is if you spend your time in Asia Towns.

4. Do wine tasting 🍷🍸🍹-I love, love Central Coast California. It’s just so peaceful and quite. Wine tasting, fruit picking and exploring this little gem just makes me feel like that I’m somewhere in Tuscany. Now, I’ve never really been there but if its a lot better then I can’t wait to be there.

5. Explore your own City 🌃🌆-As much as I dislike Downtown Los Angeles, I still come here just to check out tall buildings and museums. I love Cities and whenever I would travel to a different State or Country, the City is actually the first thing on my list to check out. Coming to Downtown LA does the trick sometimes whenever I would miss being in Chicago or whenever I really want to see a big City.

6. Give yourself a daily dose of Vitamin Sea 🌊🐚🐳- If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where beaches are virginal, take advantage. Ever since my first white sand beach experience in Boracay, my beach standard has become really high so sadly there’s really NO beach in Southern California that has really reach my standard yet. Lately, I have been coming to Laguna Beach (Thousand Steps) because it is so far the nicest and cleanest beach I’ve seen in SoCal.

7. Take a photo in a “Welcome To” sign border 🌎🚘-If you live in a place where it’s only land that divides your Country from another Country take advantage the opportunity to cross the border. Now, since this list is for “local easy way” you don’t have to cross the border, but at least take a picture on a “Welcome to (insert name of the Country here)” sign. If you really want to be in another Country though by all means cross the border, I mean you’re there already, why not right?

8. Have fun off-roading-Some unique places are just right off road. It used to scare me whenever my husband and I would drive on a dirt road, but now, I think it’s really fun and I really love it. Allow yourself to check out some few unique places off the road and you’d be surprise what you will find.


9. Go for a weekend hike– Not only hiking is good for your health but this is also good for your adventurer heart. Most places requires easy to extreme hikes depends on what you really want to see. But for whatever reason, it is guaranteed to return you a great scenery and when you’re lucky a secret paradise. Like these secret paradise my husband and I found during our hike.


10. Farm Frolicking– Frolic around nearby farm or plantation. One of my favorites is when we were coming back from Sequioa. It was almost spring time and the almond orchards were in full bloom. Now I don’t really know if what we did was trespassing (LOL 😂) but we stopped by and just played around in the almond orchards. It was such a sight to see. Imagine trees after trees of full white leaves. It was heavenly beautiful.


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