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Ramen in the basement of Tokyo Station

One sip of Tonkotsu Ramen broth and it had my eyes rolling back, moaning and wishing for the time to just STOP. True story. I wished I’m exaggerating but it was that good. #foodporn. I remember doing a lot of face palm and shaking my head just being in disbelief on how good it was.
The oh-so goodness of the broth ahhhhh… the broth. The richness, the fattiness, the right amount of spice, the pocketful of flavor, the boldness just had me want to swim in it forever. The fresh chewy noodles that I was shamelessly slurping all so loud got me contemplating if I should order another bowl. And all of these topped with the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, green onions, bamboo shoots and the seaweed…ahh the seaweed (my most favorite part). But you know what’s the best part about it too? The portion. Tokyo is known for their small portion meals but when it comes to their ramen they do not hold back.
In Tokyo, ramen is everywhere, you can even find them in 7-Eleven which is also not disappointing according to my hubby who’s had the opportunity to stay there for 3 weeks. Sadly for me, I was only able to stay for few hours but that didn’t stop me from eating another bowl of ramen before we left the country.
Like what I’ve said I was only able to stay for few hours in Tokyo but If I may, I highly recommend Tokyo Station for the best ramen as it was also documented in The Mind of the Chef show. Chef Chang said, “The best restaurants are in the basement of train stations and subways“. Tokyo Station basement has numbers and numbers of small ramen restaurants to choose from. When we got there all restaurants got big lines of people waiting to be seated. But the great thing about small restaurants in Tokyo though, is you don’t have to wait for hours in line. Thanks to their convenient ticket vending machine that lets you order your food before getting seated, the best part about that too is once you get seated your order will come in a matter of less than a minute. Two thumbs up on that one for impatient customers like me.
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4 thoughts on “Ramen in the basement of Tokyo Station

    1. Ughh! I know. I was bitter after my short trip in Tokyo because I didn’t get to see a lot :'(( . But then again atleast I got a taste of it and now I am actually planning to go back and stay longer 🙂

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