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Winter Camping in Sequoia, California

If you live where I live right now, Southern California, to be exact. I bet you are secretly wishing for winter to come sooner than it should. Or is it just me? This triple digit weather is honestly the worst. If I am somewhere near a fine white sand beach, trust me, I wouldn’t be complaining. But this is my life every summer in Southern California,  mostly spent inside the air conditioned living room looking back at some of our winter season memories.

I was on Pinterest one day and I was just looking at inspiring travel photos to pin in my “Travel Itch” board and I came across the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. Jason and I have missed our chance to see the Red Woods in Northern California during our road trip to Canada last year and I thought that maybe this time we could finally see it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t ask for a vacation at work and Red Woods National Park is 12 hours away so we decided to go to Sequoia National Park instead.

I intend to post our trip to Sequoia National Park in the future so watch out for that one but for now I want to share about my experience on winter camping.

Prior to our camping trip to Sequoia, I was not aware of the difference of the weather in a higher elevation. In my defense though, when Jason and I go camping, we usually do it during the summer and somewhere where we are in lower elevation.

Okay, so Jason (my husby) is probably the only person I know who is a big fond of camping. I think he accumulated thousands of camping gears already from all the camping he’s done. Stoves, gas grill, bbq grill, lamps, s’mores sticks, air bed, air bed pumps, mummy bags, sleeping bags, you name it, he has it. And just when I thought he’s got all the camping gears we needed for our camping trip…he came home from Big 5 store with this $60 camping heater. I kid you not I was so furious at him for spending so much on this heater.  “Babe, we are going camping, were supposed to be saving money when were camping” I screamed at him, “Our wedding is in few months, that $60 could’ve gone towards a hotel room for our honeymoon!!!“. I really wanted him to take it back to the store. Then he went on and on about how I am going to thank him for buying this heater. And boy, that camping heater SAVED my life and of course just what Jason said, I thanked him a million for buying the heater.

The weather up in Sequoia is no joke. The nights were insanely cold. I felt my teeth, my fingers and hairs were about to fall off from shivering. Every little bit of my skin that is not covered in any form of clothing felt like someone put a thousand bag of ice on it. The 40 degrees weather at night and 65 degrees during the day that is totally bearable down in the City is way different from the weather in higher elevation. I wore two of my spare jackets, all the shirts i brought and the 2 leggings and shorts I brought and even borrowed the scarf from Bless and that only kept me 40% out of 100% from cold. Every single minute I thought that I would die from Hypothermia.

That first night I knew I’m totally screwed. I had packed the wrong clothes. My bags were full of clothes, shoes and accessories that would only look good in photos  #smh.  What the F was I thinking? Bringing short shorts and sleeveless shirts? and bringing two spare sports jackets?  The first and second night of our camping were very crucial. These were the nights I thought I would never wake up ever again. But thank goodness for this form of love called hug, Jason and I kept each other warm.

It didn’t snow till the last day of our camping trip (thank God). It was almost magical for me when it happened because it was my first time to see a snow fall. As a “hipster” and “photo whore” that I am, you bet that this moment was almost a dream for me. It felt like it was my reward for braving it to camp on winter,  Instagram worthy photos.

Winter camping was definitely an experience. I did have fun with my sister and nephew and my hubby. We spent our day exploring the Sequoia National Park and enjoying the magical view on our way to see the Sequoia trees. We spent the nights seating in front of a perfect bonfire just listening to musics, gazing on the stars that we don’t see in the city, making ourselves some s’mores and hotdogs. It was a fun last adventure in California with Bless and my nephew Seth before they moved to Nebraska.

Was winter camping fun? Absolutely NOT. I guess if I had done it right or if I had brought proper clothing it would’ve been fun. But seriously though, who would go on a winter camping? #whatwerewethinking #weweretryingtoavoidbears
And how about a short clip video with that?

Camping location: Azalea Campground


2 thoughts on “Winter Camping in Sequoia, California

  1. SoCal native here, and I’ve definitely been feeling the heat as well. 😦 Your lovely winter photos feel refreshing, though! [Even if you suffered from the cold to bring them to us, lmao.] Great post!

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