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Ramen in the basement of Tokyo Station

One sip of Tonkotsu Ramen broth and it had my eyes rolling back, moaning and wishing for the time to just STOP. True story. I wished I’m exaggerating but it was that good. #foodporn. I remember doing a lot of face palm and shaking my head just being in disbelief on how good it was. The oh-so goodness… Continue reading Ramen in the basement of Tokyo Station

adventure · jasonlovesbaby · travel · wanderlust

Winter Camping in Sequoia, California

If you live where I live right now, Southern California, to be exact. I bet you are secretly wishing for winter to come sooner than it should. Or is it just me? This triple digit weather is honestly the worst. If I am somewhere near a fine white sand beach, trust me, I wouldn’t be complaining.… Continue reading Winter Camping in Sequoia, California